Dwell in art

The 6×11 is a wing of the Residence Grandi Magazzini
where you can dwell, live and think enjoying
a private exchange between contemporary art,
design and intimate thoughts. Eleven apartments
dedicated to some eminent Sardinian women that
are represented by the artwork of six artists
from the organization Seuna Lab in Nuoro.

Not simple accommodations, but a place where
we can feed that part of our soul that is hungering
for beauty and we are often not able to fulfil.
So just stop, let the time pass without you for a moment
and enjoy the pleasure of a unique atmosphere.



Large Studio Flat


H 501 Marongiu Monolocale Superior
MarongiuH 501 Superior Studio Flat
H 502 Melis Peralta Monolocale Superior
Melis PeraltaH 502 Superior Studio Flat
H 503 Altara Camera Superior
AltaraH 503 Superior room
PenséH 504 Superior room
H 505 Lai Monolocale Standard
LaiH 505 Standard Studio Flat
H 506 Devoto Monolocale Standard
DevotoH 506 Standard Studio Flat
H 507 Sannia Monolocale Standard
SanniaH 507 Standard Studio Flat
H 508 Carta Monolocale Large
CartaH 508 Large Studio Flat
H 510 Fancello Monolocale Large
FancelloH 510 Large Studio Flat
H 601 Coroneo Bilolocale Superior
CoroneoH 601 Superior Two-room Apartment

Our bike routes

Visiting Nuoro by bike is like riding across the centuries on your own two-wheeled time machine and living an experience that elevates your soul to the rhythm of your body..